Welcome to The James Cook Regional Anaesthesia Course and PoCUS Workshop

We are the biggest ultrasound course who delivers its ultrasound courses in the UK and overseas. We are recognised by The Royal College of Anaesthetists, ESRA and DHA Accreditation. 


UK course date

tl_files/files/Flags/England.jpgThursday 26th and Friday 27th September 2024


Human Anatomy Resource Centre, 3rd Floor Sherrington Building, Ashton Street, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, L69 3GE 


Overseas course date

tl_files/files/Flags/UAE.jpgDate and venue to be announced soon



Our Mission

To make you confident to perform safe ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia or use of ultrasound in various aspects of anaesthesia and A&E. We achieve this by providing a course that is mainly a "hand-on" course where each delegate performs enough scanning on each station infront of an experienced instructor and a website that contains our own tutorial videos and the best available on the web.  Academic lecture are concise and to the point as our vision is that the knowledge can be gathered from the literature and the aim of the course is for candidates to actually scan. We acknowledge it is a long 2-day course for the JCRAC or one day for the JCUC but we aim to combine knowledge with fun and enjoyment. We have a big faculty base from around the world, are recognised by the Royal College of Anaesthetists, recognised for ESRA Diploma and are proud to be the only UK course that is repeatedly invited to deliver the course abroad. Our course in the UK is annually while we run the course abroad every other year.  Information of upcoming courses and events will be announced on the website. You will also find plenty of educational videos and information of anatomy, various blocks and relevant information to regional anaesthesia as the M.Sc. in regional anaesthesia.