The Second JCRAC (UK), 2010



No. of Delegates: 84

No attended: 83




  • This was probably the best course I have been to in ten years. I am a tutor myself and as such getting educational can be a challenge.  The cadaveric anatomy was informative, well managed and refreshing. The USS sessions were interactive and stimulated discussion between the delegates all of whom shared the same concerns. The facilities were spacious and supported the educational context well. Excellent - well done Dr R Greer ITU tutor Manchester Royal Infirmary
  • Thanks very much for an excellent course
  • Dissection room anatomy was great. Exposure and practice on the US machines was great, also a chance to see how the experts use the US and their tiny tips to get better views. It was  a very full first day. Second day was great
  • Excellent course to attend and learn,certainly recommend others for the course
  • Thank  you  for  all  the  tremendous  effort  put  to  make  this  course  a  successful  one  . Needs to be done twice  a  year as some couldn't find places! Regards  to  you  all.
  • Very well organised. Small drawback if at all was the exercise(long walk) needed to have coffee breaks and lunches
  • The workshop should perhaps be held over three days, say, Thurs, Fri, Sat. as the first day was extemely exhuasting
  • Overall an excellent course and I now certainly feel more confident I guess the main omission is not actually using needles or doing the blocks themselves Are there simulators that could be used ? The faculty were outstanding and special mention to the anatomists who were brimming with enthusiasm! Big thanks also to the med students for acting as willing victims
  • Excellent course
  • I think the course was excellent. Good value for money. I can appreciate the efforts put in by the organisers esp. Dr Ahmed Aziz. Few issues which could be addressed... arranging refreshments at same site..we had to trudge for tea and coffee over to the Holliday building for tea and coffee. Also I think we could have done without the refreshment break during the afternoon sessions when we were doing the ultrasound guided blocks. That broke the link. Perhaps that could have been optional or even avoided. Overall superp course.
  • Very good course and I will recommend to colleagues. Thanks to all the anatomy staff who were really enthusiastic and great teachers. Very long days!!! Overall I really learnt a lot and thanks.
  • KeePad, I enjoyed this.
  • Firstly I must say that the course was very good.The stress on brushing the anatomy was very useful.I congratulate the whole panel for their enthusiasm and hard work.I think and I am sure this view is shared by many delegates as well as some panel members that day 1 was very exhausting.I do not think I was paying much attention in last one hour because I was so tired.Day 2 was just right as far as the duration.I think this course should be run over 3 shorter days if you want to get more out of it.I know it is a little difficult to get 3 days study leave these days but certainly not impossible.There are other 3 day course that have lots of demand.Good luck for next year.
  • Very enjoyable course and well worth attending. Thanks to everybody for your efforts. The anatomy demonstrations in particular were excellent and very informative. In the keepad sessions for those like myself who are inexperienced scanners it would have been useful to have been told what the scan was of (e.g axillary) rather than just having to answer what the arrow was pointing at.
  • Many thanks to all concerned for an excellent and stimulating course. I gained a lot from the course and it has encouraged me to make better use of Ultra-sound. Particular thanks to the many faculty but especially the enthusiasm,knowledge and pleasure displayed by those in the anatomy department. It was extremely well presented in a non threatening manner and a most valuable teaching resource. The use of multimedia, cadavers, models and real time scanning was very much appreciated. Congratulations to all involved in production and evolution of the course.
  • This is an excellent course. It is very good value for money. The visual impression of the anatomy from cadavers is quite helpful. The faculty were very helpful. I feel more confident about handling the USG machine and locating structures!
  • Very well organised course. Very good antomy demonstrations. Cleared up a lot of grey areas about scanning. Will definitely recommend to others.


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