The Fourth JCRAC (UK), 2011




No. of delegates registered                                    75

No. of evaluation forms completed                         66




  • Anatomy sessions – labeling of each sessions on the table, so that when the session begun I know before hand what he/she is about to describe
  • Excellent course – unfortunately not all slides came out well in handout – otherwise very well run
  • Please include session on different clinical situations, session on catheter techniques (including video of someone performing it), session on consenting for regional anaesthesia, session on litigation and regional anaesthesia, session/discussion by a pain consultant on patients who developed nerve damage following blocks
  • There is a tendency for the same person to be first to practice scanning and to ‘hog’ the session leaving little time for less pushy people.  It would help if the faculty member running the station policed how long people take to make it a big more equitable
  • Excellent course
  • Well organised conference with friendly and knowledgeable instructors.  Food was very good!
  • Tony Adams was an outstanding teacher – many thanks!
  • Fab course many thanks
  • Good program and delivery
  • Would have been better to see some blocks on real patients using video conferencing
  • Great thank you.  I thought the timing of the stations was great, just long enough to concentrate not so long to get bored!
  • Been to many courses, none come close to this in quality
  • Will highly recommend it. Great to be exposed to the anatomy again
  • Excellent workshop.
  • I found day one very long (but appreciate that there is a lot to get through).  Our group ran out of time often during the scanning session.  Appreciated the fact that the course is conducted in a non-threating way
  • Great course – thank you
  • The course was excellent, well organised and really useful – thank you very much
  • Very good course
  • More free scanning – otherwise excellent – worth every penny
  • Maybe a little more emphasis on which blocks are suitable for which operations
  • The upper limb scanning sessions were excellent as were the anatomy stations, excellent course very good faculty.  Thank you!
  • It was a long day to be standing for such a long time – a few seats would have been helpful
  • Good course – aware that I need a lot of practice, would have appreciated more on infection techniques & surprised at the lack of hand washing facilities in practical sessions
  • All really great stations – well timed and small enough groups for everyone to get a go.  Other courses are bad at this sort of timing/planning so thank you
  • A really very good course – very well organised and thought out.  Really very useful will take away a lot from this.  The presence of a surgeon was a great idea.  Thank you very much – money well spent.  I missed the meal for the presence of relatives with me, but I though that was a really nice touch too, shame I couldn’t attend.
  • Brilliant, long day but can see it cannot be done on three days


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