The Fifth JCRAC (UK), 2012




No. of delegates registered                          84
No. of delegates attended                            83
No. of evaluation forms completed               66






  • Excellent course
  • Very good course, confidence building and good faculty.
  • Nice to be able to play around with different types of U.S machines
  • Very professional and well run course, may be beneficial to use machines that don’t have such high resolution as these are what we have to use in our hospitals
  • Excellent course
  • Excellent course
  • An excellent course!
  • It would be nice to have some pre-course material with the basics on how to approach the blocks learnt on the course plus pictures from the scanner
  • Excellent run course
  • Helpful course, a lot of information in two days!
  • Very good and informative, good food and beautiful venue.  Just a suggestion would be bit comfortable if we could sit on chairs during demonstration sessions, overall very good.
  • Worthwhile course, builds confidence scanning people, provision of more chairs at stations so opportunity for members of group to sit down as tiring standing for several hours.
  • The best course for regional blockades I have attended so far! Thank you.
  • Overall, I have found the course very useful.  It definitely helps having upper and lower limbs covered on different days.
  • Very useful course, some overlap of stations, but gave enough chance for everybody to scan in the group
  • Very good course
  • Overall a very worthwhile course
  • Very good course, anatomy and scanning stations very useful.
  • Excellent course; would recommend it.  Rather confusing to work our order and location of stations at first.
  • Very good course would recommend my colleagues to attend, excellent faculty.
  • The going out was appreciated/excellent.  Due to austerity measures, CME funding going down few accommodation details with cheaper budget around the conference would help.  Excellent / very enthusiastic team.

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