The Sixth JCRAC (Lebanon), 2013



  • Very good course and thanks for James Cook Regional Anaesthesia Course
  • Excellent course, lovely initiative
  • Excellent job, so glad I attended, thank you
  • Excellent organisation, very useful workshop
  • Very good course and valuable experience, hopeful for a next meeting
  • If you can do this every year I will be very pleased
  • Very good
  • I would like to thank the organising team for this successful event and hope there will be more of it!
  • The course is overall excellent and I myself learned a lot. I now have a lot of things to practice I will recommend this course to my colleagues
  • Wish you the very best in arranging more courses, thanks a lot keep in touch
  • I would recommend this course to all my colleagues - location was new, team and timing was
    very sharp. Speakers were all very nice, helpful and professional

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