The 10th JCRAC (UK) Course - Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th April 2016


Feedback received:

  • This was a very well organised, comprehensive and enjoyable conference. It was staffed by a wonderful group of experienced and enthusiastic faculty. I feel fortunate and privileged to attend, and know my practice can benefit from what I learnt
  • Excellent faculty and venue. Recommending it to all my colleagues
  • Very enjoyable course! Learnt a lot from it. All the speakers/demonstrators were professional and knowledgable
  • There was a good amount of time dedicated to each station and time for questions. I felt the mix of anatomy using cadaveric specimens and practical scanning was pitched right and beneficial. The conference venue, refreshments and dinner were also fantastic! Highly recommended course!
  • Would be good to have more phantom needling practice especially for trainees who need to get used to hand eye screen coordination. Overall a great course - thank you. Lovely faculty, good to have the course dinner all together
  • This was one of the best courses I have attended. The faculty on the whole was superb offering excellent small group teaching. The availability of cadaveric material was exceedingly helpful. Lunches were bountiful and the course dinner was spectacular. Genuine thanks for your efforts
  • Fantastic course. Excellent faculty
  • An excellent course. Extremely knowledgeable faculty. Would be very handy if a course manual was put together with some key points and pictures for each block. Would be good to have more free practice / practice with phantom limbs
  • Prosections were excellent and an absolute must for this course. It was good that other blocks could be recapped in a particular station. Faculty were clearly very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this course
  • The course was excellent and has given me more confidence in using ultrasound in regional anaesthesia
  • A truly excellent course - well organised and brilliant faculty
  • Excellent Course . Great to have the Anatomy side by side with the Scanning at each Station. Couldn't fault any aspect of the Course. Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic faculty

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